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This space is dedicated to chinese furniture and asian décor in general.

Importers of products from Asia for the past 20 years, we are able to offer you furniture, chinese furniture, tibetan, decorations vietnamese quality, Buddhas from Burma or Indonesia, with the best prices in the market.

Each piece of furniture ancient chinese was chosen by our care on-site. The furniture tibetans and reproductions of chinese furniture are manufactured to the ancestral manner in solid wood by craftsmen who became friends in whom we have confidence.

And dare to keep it simple, yet practical.

You are looking for reproduction furniture or chinese furniture tibetan custom, we will provide a response to your request.

Adopt the theme that you like and create another universe. You will have made the right choice.



BHOur desire,


Help you to rejuvenate you, leaving your soul to wander to the melody of a love song viêtnamien.

Among the charms of Asia rediscovered, thanks to the purity of the lines of chinese furniture ancient you ennivrerez fragrance of incense.








BHAnd according to your desires,


As every year, find chinese furniture the few purchased and renovated by local craftsmen in the countryside of northern China, a region where the authentic is still current.